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Optimise your grow with the best temp and humidity monitor

Lucy Starley
February 2, 2024
13 min read
The Grow Sensor best temp and humidity monitor in front of the Grow app on an iPhone
The Grow Sensor best temp and humidity monitor in front of the Grow app on an iPhone
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Optimise your grow with the best temp and humidity monitor

As a grower, you know the secret to thriving plants isn't just in the soil or the seeds. It's in the environment you create. 

The right temperature and humidity levels can make all the difference between a bountiful harvest and a disappointing yield. But maintaining that perfect balance can feel like a guessing game without the proper tools.

Enter the challenge of keeping your grow room conditions just right. Too much humidity, and you risk mould and diseases. Too little, and your plants could dehydrate. 

When the temperature in your grow space swings too high or too low, it can stress your plants, leading to poor growth or crop loss. That's where a reliable grow room temp and humidity monitor comes into play.

Stay tuned as we introduce you to the Grow Sensor. A game-changer in grow room management designed to help you effortlessly keep those vital environmental factors in check. 

Disclaimer: Any information given on this site is for educational purposes only. Please ensure if you’re growing cannabis plants, you’re doing so in accordance with the law and subject to appropriate permissions and licenses of the applicable country.

The Grow app on an iPhone showing temperature and humidity monitoring along with alerts and light levels.

Why monitoring is key in grow rooms

Indoor growing requires delicate balance, and the role of a grow room temp and humidity monitor cannot be overstated. 

Temperature, relative humidity and the vapour pressure deficit (VPD) they create together directly influence plant health and yield, silently influencing your grow’s success.


The temperature in your grow space is more than just a number; it's a vital component. It affects your plants' ability to perform photosynthesis and absorb nutrients.

If it is too hot, your plants could suffer from nutrient burn or excessive transpiration, losing vital water faster than they can absorb it.


On the flip side, humidity plays a crucial role in how your plants use water. A highly humid environment can encourage the growth of mildew and pests, while low levels might dry out your plants and hinder their growth. 

Maintaining the ideal grow room humidity and temperature is essential for healthy growth and high yields.

But here's the kicker—without accurate monitoring and time series data, you're flying blind. 

Guesswork can lead to costly mistakes, such as overwatering, overheating, or creating a breeding ground for diseases. 

That's why top-notch grow tent temperature and humidity meters are more than a luxury. 

It's an essential tool in your growing arsenal. Helping you avoid extremes of temperature and humidity. All while ensuring your plants thrive in the optimal grow room conditions.

The Grow Sensor hanging from it's hanging rig

Introducing the Grow Sensor: your grow room guardian

Say hello to the Grow Sensor. Not just any grow room temp and humidity monitor but your growing environment guardian and the best grow room temp and humidity monitor.

Designed with a powerful suite of sensors for growing the best plants. The Grow Sensor puts the latest tech in the hands of hobbyists and professional growers. Get ready to revolutionise the way you manage your indoor grow.

What sets the Grow Sensor apart from other monitors? 

It's all about precision monitoring capabilities. This compact, nifty device doesn't just read the temperature and humidity; it analyses all of your grow space's key conditions, providing you with all the data you need to act fast. 

All to ensure you have the most reliable data at your fingertips. No more second-guessing or worrying about the health of your plants.

The Grow Sensor’s user-friendly iOS, android and web interface and its robust features seamlessly integrate into any grow tent or indoor growing room. Providing you with real-time insights that help you make informed decisions and take your grow results to the next level

Additional benefits of the Grow Sensor

The Grow Sensor is the pinnacle of precision and innovation for growers. Alongside super-accurate temperature and humidity monitoring, you also get:

  • VPD tracking.
  • Integrated CO2 monitoring.
  • PPFD and full spectrum Par sensors to measure light continuously.
  • The ability to measure DLI (daily light integral).
  • Leaf surface temperature (LST) sensing.
  • Dew point monitoring.
  • The option to plug the Grow soil probe into the Grow Sensor to measure EC, soil moisture, dry backs and soil temperature at the root system.
  • The details and data you need to implement crop steering.
  • Day and night photoperiods. 
  • iOS, Android (and a desktop app is on the way).
  • Durability.
  • Offline data logging for crop registration.
  • Versatile connectivity options (long-range Wi-Fi).
  • Large battery and power by USB.
  • Custom alerts and trends.
  • A super modern, easy-to-use dark skin app.

The Grow Sensor is the smart choice for growers who want quality equipment in their growing environment. 

The Grow app showing real time temperature and humidity data and trends on a graph.

Features that make grow sensor a must-have

The Grow Sensor isn't just another gadget; it's an indispensable tool for any serious indoor grower. 

It’s designed to address the unique challenges of maintaining the perfect grow room environment.

Here's why the Grow Sensor should be an integral part of your grow setup:

Real-time time-series monitoring

Stay updated with live readings of your grow space conditions using the Grow app. Make immediate adjustments to temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. This real-time data is crucial for preventing the stress that can lead to poor plant health and reduced yields.

Ease of use

The Grow Sensor is designed to be easy to use. It's simple to set up and use so that you can focus more on your plants and less on complicated tech.


Accuracy is vital when creating the right environment for plants in the vegetative and flowering stages. The Grow Sensor delivers consistent, precise measurements, giving you confidence in the data you use to make decisions.

Data insights

Beyond just numbers, the Grow Sensor provides insights into your grow room's environmental trends. Understanding these patterns can help you anticipate your plants' needs before a problem happens. 

It helps you adjust your grow room conditions for optimal plant growth by avoiding extremes of temperature and humidity as just a starting point.

Alert system

Never be caught off guard by sudden environmental changes again. The Grow Sensor's alert system notifies you when conditions deviate from your set parameters. Set safe zones and dangerous zones and get alerts when there’s a problem.

Get the data you need to act fast and avoid the consequences of poor environment management. Most growers overlook their environment, and it’s where you will see the most improvements if you're one of them. 

The benefits of incorporating the Grow Sensor into your grow room are clear. Improved plant health, optimised yields, and peace of mind. All from knowing that your grow tent or room is under the watchful eye of the Grow Sensor.

We want to empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your best harvest yet.

"Grow Sensor will be that user-friendly tool that helps professional growers sleep well at night."

Nate Lipton
CEO at GrowersHouse & CannaCribs

Installation and setup: Easier than you think

Getting the Grow Sensor up and running in your grow room is straightforward and user-friendly. It’s designed to get you monitoring your grow space conditions without any fuss. 

Here's a simple guide to installing and setting up your Grow Sensor. Ensuring you're ready to optimise your growing environment from day one.

Unboxing and placement

Start by carefully unboxing the Grow Sensor. Choose a location within your grow tent or room that best represents the overall environment, usually at canopy level. Avoid placing the sensor too close to air conditioners or warm air outlets, as these can skew the readings.

Power up

Power on your Grow Sensor following the instructions provided. The device is designed for minimal setup, so you'll be up and running in no time. The sensor also includes a substantial battery that can last up to a year, depending on what you measure.  


Name your grow eg “Chillies”, and pair the Grow Sensor to your Wi-Fi network using Bluetooth to enable real-time data transmission. This connection allows you to monitor your grow room's temperature and humidity from anywhere, at any time.

Set your limits and alerts

Customise your alert thresholds based on your specific plant growth needs. You can set the precise parameters for each stage of growth, from seedlings or clones to vegetative and flowering. If you want to know what those are, click here.

Monitoring and adjustments

With the Grow Sensor now active, you can sit back, and the sensor will monitor the environmental conditions in real time. 

Use the data and insights provided to adjust your grow room's climate to give your plants the perfect conditions. You’ll be amazed at the detailed information you can gather and then act upon to make your grow room a happier place. 

Our after-sales support and guidance are readily available to assist you with any questions you have. Whether you're troubleshooting or seeking advice on maximising your grow room efficiency, our team is here to help!

Installing the Grow Sensor is a move towards transforming your grow space into a finely tuned environment where your plants can thrive. With the Grow Sensor in place, you're not just growing; you're growing smarter.

The Grow sensor app showing how you set temperature and humidity limits and alerts.

Maximising grow room efficiency with the right data

With the Grow Sensor monitoring your grow space, harnessing the power of accurate measurements and detailed data becomes the key to elevating your grow room efficiency. 

Understanding and acting upon the insights our suite of sensors provides can significantly improve plant health and yield and reduce electricity usage.

Here's how to use the Grow Sensor to make the most of the data at your disposal:

Analyse trends

Regularly review the data collected by your Grow Sensor. Identify patterns, problems and trends in your environment. These insights can help you anticipate changes in your plants' needs, allowing you to adjust your growing environment proactively.

Optimise conditions

Use the insights from the Grow Sensor to fine-tune your grow room's conditions. 

For example, suppose you notice high humidity levels are a recurring issue when your lights turn off. In that case, you might consider adding a dehumidifier to your setup or improving ventilation to maintain the optimum grow room atmosphere. 

Get a full 24-hour-a-day picture of your environment using highly usable graphs in the app.

Prevent stress

By keeping a close eye on the real-time graph data from your Grow Sensor, you can prevent environmental stressors from affecting your plants. 

Quick adjustments in response to alerts can save your plants from potential harm, ensuring they remain healthy and productive.

Tailor to each stage

Different stages of plant growth have unique environmental requirements. Use the data from your Grow Sensor to create the perfect conditions for each phase. Promoting robust growth and maximising yields. Set separate limits for day and night, vegetative and flowering. 

The Grow Sensor app showing the Grow Diary feature for crop registration

Record and reflect with the Grow Diary

Keep a log of your adjustments based on the Grow Sensor data and the outcomes you observe in the Grow app. Grow senor makes crop registration easy and fun.

This record can become a valuable resource for refining your growing strategies over time. It’ll help you to become more efficient and effective in managing your grow room.

By leveraging the detailed and accurate data from your Grow Sensor, you’re actively engaging in a data-driven approach to cultivation, which leads to measurable improvements.

This proactive stance allows you to provide the best possible environment for your plants consistently. Leading to healthier growth, better yields, and, ultimately, a more rewarding growing experience.

The investment that pays off

Investing in a Grow Sensor is an investment in your grow room's future success. The upfront cost might catch some growers' eyes. But the long-term benefits and savings it brings to your grow space far outweigh the initial expense. 

Here's why the Grow Sensor is the best grow room monitoring system - an investment that truly pays off:

Resource efficiency

Maintaining optimal temp and humidity levels reduces the need to use an excessive amount of water. It also minimises the strain on air conditioning units and heaters. This conserves valuable resources and translates to energy and water bill savings.

Increased yields

Plants thriving in their optimal grow room conditions are more likely to produce higher yields. The precise control and monitoring offered by the Grow Sensor can lead to more abundant and healthier harvests.

Prevention of crop loss

One of the costliest mistakes in indoor growing is losing a crop to preventable environmental issues. The Grow Sensor's real-time monitoring and alerts help you avoid such pitfalls all in one app. It protects your investment in seeds, nutrients, and time.

Long-term durability

Designed with the grower in mind, the Grow Sensor is built to last. Its durability ensures that it will continue to monitor and protect your grow space for many growing cycles. A one-time investment that delivers value season after season.

Peace of mind

Perhaps the most significant return on your investment is the peace of mind the Grow Sensor brings. You can check on your grow anytime, anywhere.

Knowing that you can keep a close eye on your grow room from afar and that you can react swiftly to any environmental changes allows you to focus more on other aspects of growing and less on worrying about your plants' well-being.

When considering the cost of the Grow Sensor, it's crucial to weigh it against the value it adds to your growing environment. 

From saving resources to boosting yields and protecting your crops. The Grow Sensor equips you with the necessary tools to make your grow room more productive and enjoyable.

Picture of the Grow Sensor and Grow app with the slogan "Grow the best plants. Read the room."


The journey to optimising your grow room is about creating and maintaining the perfect environment for your plants to thrive, and that is not easy.

This is where the significance of monitoring temperature and humidity becomes undeniable. 

With the Grow Sensor, you're equipped with a powerful tool to keep these critical factors in check. Ensuring your plants have the ideal conditions they need to flourish.

The Grow Sensor is more than just a temperature and humidity sensor; it's your grow room guardian. Constantly vigilant and ready to alert you to any changes that could impact your plants' health and yield. 

Its precision, ease of use, and reliability make it an indispensable asset for any grower looking to elevate their grow space efficiency and productivity.

Remember, every plant's success starts with the environment you provide. Investing in the Grow Sensor is a significant step towards achieving optimal grow room conditions.

This, in turn, leads to healthier plants, more abundant yields, and, ultimately, a more rewarding growing experience.

Seasoned cultivator or hobbyist, the Grow Sensor is your partner in cultivating a thriving grow space. 

Embrace the power of accurate, real-time environmental monitoring and take your indoor gardening to the next level.

Happy growing!


When considering the Grow Sensor for your grow room, you might have questions about its functionality, compatibility, and reliability. Here are answers to some common queries that might help you make an informed decision:

How easy is it to install the Grow Sensor in my grow space?

Installing the Grow Sensor is straightforward and user-friendly. We’ve designed it to integrate seamlessly into any grow tent or indoor growing environment.

With simple instructions, you can have it up and running in no time, providing real-time grow tent temperature and humidity monitoring without the hassle.

Is the Grow Sensor compatible with all types of grow setups?

Yes, the Grow Sensor is designed to be versatile and adaptable. It fits into a wide range of grow spaces, from small grow tents to larger indoor growing rooms. 

Its advanced sensors can accurately monitor any indoor environment. Making it suitable for various types of plants and growing stages.

Can the Grow Sensor handle high humidity and temperature levels?

Absolutely. The Grow Sensor is built to withstand the diverse conditions of a grow room, including high humidity levels and high temperatures. Its durable design ensures reliable performance, giving you accurate readings no matter the climate in your grow space.

What makes the Grow Sensor better than other monitors on the market?

The Grow Sensor stands out due to its precision, reliability, and in-app experience that no competitor can match. It offers real-time monitoring, detailed data insights, and customisable alerts. This makes it the best grow monitor for growers seeking accuracy and ease of use.

Is there a warranty or after-sales support for the Grow Sensor?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of the Grow Sensor with a comprehensive warranty and dedicated after-sales support. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or support.

Where do you measure humidity in a grow room?

In a grow room, humidity should be measured at the plant canopy level, where your plants are actively growing. 

This is because the humidity directly surrounding the plants is most crucial for their health and growth. 

Monitoring humidity at this level provides a more accurate reflection of the conditions your plants are experiencing. Ensuring you can make timely adjustments to maintain the perfect environment for their development.

Where do you put the temperature and humidity sensor in a grow tent?

In a grow tent, it's advisable to position the temperature and humidity sensor near the centre of the tent at plant canopy level. 

This placement ensures that the sensor accurately measures your plants' environmental conditions. Helping you maintain the right temperature and humidity for optimal growth. 

Placing it in the middle of the tent ensures a more representative reading. This avoids potential inaccuracies caused by proximity to heaters, air conditioners, or tent walls.

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Lucy Starley
February 2, 2024
13 min read

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