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How a cannabis soil moisture meter can maximise your yield

Lucy Starley
February 22, 2024
7 min read
An image showing the Grow cannabis soil moisture meter.
An image showing the Grow cannabis soil moisture meter.
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Mastering moisture control is a game-changer in cannabis cultivation. 

Getting the right balance is crucial, as both overwatering and underwatering can significantly impact plant health. 

Enter our advanced soil moisture meter, designed to transform irrigation management in your grow space. The Grow soil probe is also suitable for coco and rockwool.

Seamlessly integrated with the Grow Sensor, this innovative tool ensures your cannabis plants always experience the ideal moisture level for optimal growth.

Let’s explore the significance of accurate soil moisture management and how our sensors can elevate your growing methods.

Disclaimer: Any information given on this site is for educational purposes only. Please ensure if you’re growing cannabis plants, you’re doing so in accordance with the law and subject to appropriate permissions and licenses of the applicable country.

A young cannabis plant in a coco hydroponics system being measured by a moister meter.

Why you need a soil moisture meter for cannabis

Navigating the fine line between overwatering and underwatering is a common challenge for cannabis growers. 

For example, if your plants are over watered, it means the growing medium in your pots will be too wet. This can lead to root rot. 

While underwatering can stress plants, stunting growth, yield, quality and quantity. 

This delicate balance is where cannabis soil moisture meters become invaluable. Our super accurate moisture sensor measures pot water content and then provides real-time data to prevent these common issues. 

The Grow soil probe ensures your plants stay healthy and productive from seedlings to flower by maintaining the perfect soil moisture level in each pot. 

With this tool, you can confidently water your plants, knowing that each cannabis plant gets exactly what it needs to thrive.

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The importance of measuring moisture

Keeping a close eye on pot moisture levels is vital, especially when working with smaller pot sizes where the margin for error is slim. 

Moisture measurement allows for crop steering which is a technique used to manipulate how plants grow and develop. In this case by adjusting irrigation practices. 

It involves strategically controlling water availability to influence the vegetative or generative growing phases of the your plants. 

By varying watering timing, duration, and frequency, you can encourage specific outcomes, such as encouraging vegetative growth for lush foliage or triggering generative growth for the flowering stage. 

Crop steering allows you to tailor irrigation schedules to optimise plant health, yield, and quality.

When you accurately determine pot moisture content, you can make informed decisions about watering schedules, nutrient delivery, and overall plant management. 

Our soil moisture meter lets you steer your crop towards maximum potential, leveraging precise moisture information to create an ideal growing environment.

An illustration showing the importance of crop steering and how having a moister meeting is essential for measuring results.

How to use soil moisture meters for cannabis

Using our soil moisture meter is straightforward and can help you significantly dial in your grow.

Start by inserting the meter into the soil or growing medium in the pot near the bottom of your plant's root zone, being careful not to disturb the roots. 

Once in place, the meter will relay real-time moisture data to the connected Grow Sensor for you to view within the Grow App. It’s really that simple!

It’s worth mentioning the Grow sensor will also be compatible with the Metergroup Teros12, Delt-T Wet150 and the Acclima TDR-310W.

An image of the Grow Sensor and The Grow Cannabis moisture meter.

Advanced features for superior cultivation

The Grow soil probe does more than just measure soil moisture; it's a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your cultivation strategy. 

It records and analyses historical moisture data, allowing you to identify patterns in how your plants absorb water and make informed adjustments for future grows. 

This historical insight is crucial for replicating successful conditions or correcting past mistakes.

Moreover, the meter's ability to measure EC (Electrical Conductivity) sets it apart. 

EC levels provide insight into the soil or growing medium’s nutrient content, enabling you to adjust fertilisation for optimal plant health. 

An image of the Grow Sensor app, showing the graphs that measure soil moisture.

Continuous and detailed monitoring

The standout feature of the Grow moisture meter is its ability to provide continuous, live data about your grow medium’s water content and how much food is in the growing medium. 

This continuous monitoring means you're always in the loop and able to react swiftly to any changes. You’ll always be able to ensure that your plants are never too wet or too dry, overfed or underfed.

Additionally, the meter measures the temperature in the root zone, a critical factor often overlooked in cultivating cannabis. 

Temperature at the root area can significantly affect nutrient uptake and overall plant health. 

By keeping an eye on this, alongside moisture level and EC, you can create the perfect growing conditions for your cannabis, leading to stronger, healthier plants.

The under canopy of some cannabis plants being watered automatically.

Get real time graph data and set custom alerts

Live graph data and custom alerts are key features of our moisture monitoring system, providing invaluable insights into soil moisture and EC levels. 

Through our user-friendly app, you can view real-time graphs illustrating moisture content over time, allowing you to track changes and adjust watering practices accordingly.

This visual representation offers a clear understanding of moisture dynamics, empowering you to make precise adjustments to your watering schedules. 

Whether you're fine-tuning watering frequency for different growth stages or ensuring uniform moisture distribution across your growing medium, the live graph stats provides essential information for optimal plant hydration.

Our system also enables you to set custom alerts based on predetermined moisture thresholds. 

This feature allows you to establish ideal moisture levels for your plants and receive immediate notifications if these levels are exceeded or not met. 

These alerts mean you can intervene promptly when needed, ensuring your plants always receive the right amount of moisture to thrive.

With live graph data and custom alerts, our moisture monitoring system keeps you informed and actively involved in maintaining your plants' well-being. 

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Expanding capabilities with the Grow Sensor Hub

Cannabis cultivation becomes even more efficient with our upcoming sensor hub. 

This innovative addition will allow you to connect multiple soil moisture meters to a single Grow Sensor, enabling precise monitoring for multiple plants in your grow room. 

This granular level of data collection is a game-changer, especially for growers managing a variety of cannabis strains with varying moisture needs.

This capability simplifies monitoring and provides invaluable insights into each plant's nutrient uptake. 

By observing real-time data on how much water your plants use and how much food each plant consumes, you can tailor your feeding schedule to meet their needs. 

Precision irrigation and feeding ensures that every plant reaches its full potential.

An image of the Grow Sensor and the dashboard of the Grow app.

Seamless integration with the Grow Sensor

The beauty of our soil moisture probe lies in its seamless integration with the Grow Sensor. 

This link brings a whole host of advantages, transforming your grow space into a high-tech cultivation heaven. 

Plugging the moisture meter directly into the Grow Sensor gives you a complete view of your cannabis plants' environment so you can monitor and adjust conditions to suit your plants' specific needs. 

The Grow Sensor is a powerhouse equipped with numerous other indispensable features: 

  • Continuous PPFD tracking using a full-spectrum quantum PAR sensor.
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD).
  • Integrated CO2 monitor for optimal plant growth.
  • Calculation of Daily Light Integral (DLI) to ensure adequate light exposure.
  • Accurate measurement of Leaf Surface Temperature (LST) for plant health assessment.
  • Dew point monitor to prevent moisture-related issues.
  • Essential data support for implementing crop steering techniques.
  • Flexibility to accommodate day and night photoperiods.
  • Availability on Android, iOS, and upcoming desktop platforms.
  • Sturdy construction for durability in any grow environment.
  • Convenient offline data logging for crop management and registration.
  • Multiple connectivity options, including long-range Wi-Fi.
  • Extended battery life with USB power option for continuous operation.
  • Customisable alerts and trend analysis for proactive plant care.
  • User-friendly dark theme app interface for easy navigationand use.

Whether it's fine-tuning the light, adjusting the humidity, or ensuring the CO2 levels are just right, the combined power of our soil moisture meter and Grow Sensor gives you unparalleled control over your grow room's ecosystem.

Why our system is unparalleled in Europe and the UK

Finding a system that combines the functionalities of a W-Fi-enabled soil moisture meter with EC measurement capabilities in Europe and the UK is not easy. 

Most growers are left to cobble together their own solutions, which can be both time-consuming and less reliable. 

Our integrated system offers a user-friendly, intuitive solution that simplifies indoor cultivation.

The convenience of having a single, robust tool that provides real-time moisture, EC, and substrate temperature data, along with a suite of other environmental measurements, is unparalleled. 

It removes all guesswork and manual effort involved in DIY setups, offering a streamlined approach to precision growing. 

Our system makes professional-grade monitoring accessible to growers of all levels.


Our soil moisture meter, in combination with the Grow Sensor, simplifies moisture management and elevates every aspect of your grow room environment. 

From ensuring optimal watering to providing real-time insights into your plants' needs, our technology empowers you to grow the best plants.

Choosing these advanced tools means choosing a future where guesswork is replaced by precision, and cultivation success isn’t just hoped for but expected. 

It's an investment in the quality and consistency of your plants and end product, offering peace of mind and tangible results. Elevate your grow room with technology designed for success. 

Happy growing!


Do plant moisture meters really work?

Yes, plant moisture meters do work. They provide a quick and easy way to check the moisture levels in the soil or growing medium, helping growers avoid over or under-watering their plants. 

What should the moisture meter reading be for cannabis?

Depending on whether you're crop steering vegetatively or generatively, the ideal moisture meter reading for cannabis may vary.

  • During vegetative steering, aim to continually keep the substrate moist when lights are on. You’re looking for an overnight dry back of 10 to 15%. This ensures the soil is consistently moist, promoting robust vegetative growth signals.
  • When steering towards generative signals, slightly drier conditions may be preferred. Aim to water early on in the day, stopping by lunchtime and allowing for a larger dry back of 25 to 30%. This will encourage flowering and bud development.

There's a lot to crop steering! The above is a very basic overview for a smaller pot scenario. Adjusting moisture levels and drybacks based on the growth phase helps optimise cannabis cultivation for the desired outcome.

Can I leave moisture meters in the soil?

Yes, you can leave moisture meters in the soil. The Grow moisture meters are designed to monitor continuously and can stay in the soil to provide real-time data on moisture levels, ensuring consistent hydration for your plants.

What happens if soil moisture is too high?

If soil moisture is too high, it can lead to several issues for plants. Excess water in the soil can suffocate plant roots by displacing oxygen, potentially causing root rot. 

It also hinders nutrient uptake and can result in poor plant growth, yellowing leaves, and overall decreased plant health. 

It's crucial to maintain the right moisture balance to avoid these problems.

Will a moisture meter damage roots?

No, a moisture meter typically won't damage plant roots when used correctly. These meters have fine probes designed to minimise disruption to the roots during insertion. 

Proper care and gentle placement should ensure minimal impact on the plant's root system.

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Lucy Starley
February 22, 2024
7 min read

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